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Clinton Rich,

FEI Dressage Rider.


"We are very happy with the decision we made 2 years ago to use the Ramos Sport Alligo Fibre on our new covered 60 x 20m dressage arena. We used the sand recommended for a 7.5cm depth and added 12 bags of fibre which has proven to be a very good ratio of sand to fibre. The horses feel very secure on it in all gaits and I personally like the amount of 'give' it has absorbing concussion." 


Barrie Stratton,

Academy of Dressage Pty. Ltd.

"In February 2018 we bought Ramos Sport stabilising fibres to add to silica sand to create a new surface for our 15m X 30m indoor riding arena.

It has resulted in a beautiful surface to ride on, giving horses great lateral support whether they are big moving warmbloods or small ponies. They move confidently without fear of slipping, in addition to the added benefit of non-jarring comfort.

An older arthritic horse which is regularly ridden with us has had renewed vigour and is more regular in his paces since renewing our surface. He clearly benefits from the secure, comfortable surface.

Our arena is used for at least 8 hours per day, so being only 15m X 30m in size means that the outside track in particular is very heavily impacted by the horses. Even in this situation, at the end of the day there is little evidence of any tracking. Our arena rake only needs to be used at the end of each day, ready for the next day’s heavy use.



The custom built rake we use behind our quad bike was made by Trindall Equestrian Services Pty Ltd. It has two rows of high tensile tines followed by a solid roller and finished off by very fine tines behind the roller to slightly fluff the finished surface.  This fully adjustable rake has proven to be a very cost effective purchase, perfectly complimenting the Ramos Sport fibre surface.

I often stand while instructing in the arena for much of the day, and since the Ramos Sport fibre has been installed, I don’t suffer from back pain anymore.

Before purchasing the fibre, I researched the market both in Australia and overseas including products originating from the US and Europe. Ramos Sport proved to be the most cost effective option for us. When I did order the fibre, availability was no problem and there was no delay in its supply.

I can thoroughly recommend the Ramos Sport Alligo Fibre surface when combined with suitable well graded sub-angular sand."

Clare Porz,

FEI Dressage Rider.

"I installed the Alligo Fibre surface in January 2018. The most important thing for me about an arena surface is the support the horse receives whilst allowing some give. This surface maintains its stability so the horse stays on top of the surface instead of sinking and having to drag itself through it. I am very happy with the surface."


Lydia Jackson,

FEI Dressage Rider

Level 3 Dressage Specialist 

"I have been researching fabric arenas for 10 years. I previously has a sand mix on my indoor that was always shifting and required much maintenance. I felt much confidence talking with Pernille as she is a rider and knows the feel I wanted on my arena. Other suppliers are not rider and I didn't feel the confidence in them, only for that reason.

Pernille talked me through the process very logically and her sales service has been fabulous. 


My arena I believe is the best feeling arena I have ridden on, and I have just returned from training in Germany.

Pernille helped me get the best freight prices and I can not recommend Ramos Sport Alligo Fibres enough."

Tara & Stuart,

ACE Equine. Vic

"Stuart and I installed the Alligo Fibre and sand surface on our outdoor arena in October 2020. Both Stuart and myself have ridden on many different surfaces in the past and feel the Alligo Fibre to be far superior to the rest. Our horses, both young and experienced have developed more trust in their footing since installation, and we feel Alligo Fibre combines the best both in stability and concussion absorption, while giving the horses confidence to perform at their best. 

We are excited to make the step up from our old surface, knowing we are training daily on a surface that guarantees our horses the best possibility to succeed."

"Simply the bext surface to ride on! If you want to look after your horse and ride on an amazing surface then this is the one for you. As an added bonus you will receive very knowledgeable and friendly advice throughout the process."
Megan McEachern, NSW
"I love my arena surface using Alligo Fibres and so do my horses, and so does my friends horses, its just lovely."

Jacquie Buchanan

After years of putting up with an unstable and shifting sand surface, I set about finding a fibre/sand alternative. After 12 months of research I had become so disheartened by both the contradictory advice and the exorbitant quotes I received. Then I stumbled across ALLIGO fibres online, and it was clear I was on the right track, the relief was amazing! 


With expert guidance provided and following the instructions to the letter, my husband and I were able to install the Alligo Fibre on our own. The Results are absolutely fantastic! My new surface is even, stable and simply beautiful to ride on. I’ve immediately noticed the difference in my horses. The surface no longer shifts and is easy to maintain. I have my very own world class surface at home and couldn’t be happier.


Perhaps the most astonishing point here is that my surface was affordable at only a fraction of what I was previously quoted by others. For anyone thinking that a fibre surface is out of their price range, I would highly recommend Alligo Fibre by Ramos Sport. 


Kate Van Elmpt, VIC

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