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Alligo Fibre is a high quality, Australian manufactured, shredded, synthetic arena surface material. Alligo Fibre will provide superior stability, durability and assist in retaining moisture levels, thereby enhancing equine performance.

Alligo fibres will give your arena surface stability and support. It will give your horse traction with enough energy return to feel free and confident in his/her movements to perform at their best. For higher level performance horses doing collected movements such as canter pirouette, there is enough rotational shearing in the surface to support an almost static load.


Over time the surface will form an artificial root system at the base to ensure a very stable

and non shifting surface. 

The top of the surface can be a little looser to give a bit of cushioning, which can be

regulated through watering. 


All fibres are sourced from Australian manufacturers directly to ensure a high,

consistent quality, free from any contaminants. All the fibre materials are made

from new product production, meaning that there is no chance of metal

fastener contamination. 

The Alligo Fibre is made up of polypropylene and polyester. These fibres are

then shredded under strict quality control measures, under the 9001:2015

quality and 4801:2001 safety management systems. 



Step 1: Sand Selection 


Sand selection is crucial, particularly when blending with fibres.

The type of sand selection must be compatible with adding water to ensure optimal binding. We can provide advice and a list of quarries that will meet this key criteria.



Step 2: Alligo fibres delivery system

The Alligo fibres are delivered in 300kg bulk bags

dimensions 180x110x110m



Step 3: Quantity estimate of sand

It is a fibre sand ratio, the ideal blend ratio of sand is 7cm to 7.5 cm. This can be varied depending on your chosen discipline, please contact us for more information.

Step 4: Sand requirements


  • Distribution of sand evenly across the whole arena and ensure sand is laser levelled.

  • Sand will then need to be wetted down until binding together

  • Place a 300kg Alligo Fibre bag in each 10 square meters as illustrated on diagram below.

  •  Spread fibres evenly, and wet fibres down until very wet.


Step 5: The mixing phase 

You will need a rotary hoe or Harley rake to mix sand and fibres together, making sure to get the fibres down as close as possible to the base without disturbing the base.


Step 6: Final phase

Using a heavy roller, compact the surface down.

RSPORT 20x60.jpg


The importance of maintenance to your arena is crucial. It will involve watering and harrowing/rolling. (The unit for the job will do both simultaneously.) 


Maintenance is part of having a well functioning arena, aiding in keeping the surface consistent and moist.

Unkept surfaces contribute to uneven surfaces, which has been found to suggest that horses modify their gaits based on the small changes in the surface, so it is always best to keep it uniformed across the whole arena to achieve optimal riding performance. 

Having a watering system or sprinklers is essential if you choose to have a surface with Alligo fibres. 

The surface will need watering everyday, not as much in winter as in summer for indoor arenas. Outdoor arenas, Mother Nature will take care of a lot of the watering so you will need to adjust your watering depending on the weather. 


The secret is that the sand and the fibres binds together when adding water, and because of the fibres, the water is retained within the surface for longer. Never let your arena surface dry out completely as you will need a lot of water to get it back to optimal.


Low traffic arenas need harrowing/rolling in winter once a week is usually enough but in summer 2/3 times a week.

High traffic arenas need harrowing/rolling once a day usually.


Alligo Fibre 300kg bag $790 plus GST.

Fibres will be delivered in 300kg bulk bags, with dimensions

of 180 x 110 x 110m.

Shipping and freight costs will be calculated upon ordering. 


To calculate the quantity of Alligo Fibre required for your arena,

the fibre sand ideal blend ratio is 7cm to 7.5cm of sand.

For example, a 20m x 60m arena will require approximatly

12 bags of 300kg Alligo Fibre Bags. 


Additional 300kg Bulk bags are available to purchase

individually to top up existing arena surfaces if needed. 

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