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Sustainability Statement 

Ramos Sport Dressage Arena Letters not only look great, but are doing their bit to help the planet.


Did you know, that on average, Australians use and dispose of 130kg of plastic per year? There is a strong push towards recycled content in food packaging to create a circular economy. But sadly, this isn’t enough. What is required is that every consumer needs to make a sustainable choice whenever they are considering a purchase. To play our part in reducing plastic waste, we must strive for all products purchased to contain recycled content where ever possible. 


That is why at Ramos Sport we are so excited to announce that we are supporting this crucial step. Our arena letters are manufactured from recycled high density polyethylene resin (HDPE), which is the same material used for the common milk bottle. What is even more exciting is that for ever 20 x 60 arena the purchaser will be contributing to the consumption of the equivalent of 130, 1L milk bottles, The recycled HDPE material is UV stabilised for outdoor durability, so your product will retain its as new look for years to come. 


You may also consider making your own statement around recycling, in that if you wish to return these at the end of their product life, they will be recycled free of charge. 

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